Feed Additives, Feed Materials, Compound Feed & Dietetic Feed

Do you have a new animal health product? Are you confused about what product category your product belongs to? Do you struggle to identify what you need for the feed additive dossier completion and submission? Have you received the request for supplementary information and don’t know how to handle it? Need help with the complexity of regulatory requirements and compliance?

I am here to help and support you on your journey to place or maintain your product on the market.


Feed additives defined as per Regulation EC No. 1831/2003 and 429/2008

  • Technological (preservatives, antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents, binders, substances for control of radionuclides, anti-caking agents, acidity regulators, silage additives & denaturants)
  • Sensory (colorants & flavorings)
  • Nutritional (vitamins, pro-vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, urea, etc.)
  • Zootechnical (digestibility enhancers – enzymes, gut flora stabilizers – probiotics, additives favorably affecting the environment, other zootechnical additives – performance enhancers, etc.)
  • Coccidiostats & histomonats

Feed materials & compound feed

Dietetic feed – feed for the particular nutritional purpose (PARNUTS)

Feed additives defined as per Regulation EC No. 1831/2003


  • Regulatory & strategic advice
  • Product & business development
  • Requirements assessment, budget planning & timelines
  • A regulatory road map, product assessment & legal status
  • Data audits, gap analysis & regulatory compliance
  • Study design & statistics
  • Study monitoring
  • Protocol & report writing
  • Literature search
  • Preparation & submission of dossiers (EC/EFSA, GRAS, FAP, AAFCO)
  • FSMA & EFSA compliance
  • Renewals & species extensions
  • Assistance with post-submission questions (SIn, clock-stop)
  • Managing communication with the relevant authorities (EC, EFSA, EURL, FDA)
  • Creating & revision of labels & promotional materials
  • Technical & publication writing
  • Customized training & workshops